Things To Do



Things To Do

The Kenneth Grahame Society has lots of projects, plans for projects and ideas for things to do. This page will be used to list many of them, in the hope that some members, or even non-members, would see something which appeals and contact us about getting involved. (Email: admin@kennethgrahamesociety.net.) A range of interests are catered for, and the size and nature of the involvement and the pace of the work are very flexible. Every contribution is valued, and even peripheral involvement promotes a sense of camaraderie. Acknowledgements will, where appropriate, be published along with each contribution which the Society publishes or uses.

 (1) Articles for the Kenneth Grahame Society newsletter, Riverbank News.

- Literary articles: character studies, thematic analyses, commentary on an excerpt from some of Grahame's works, study of influences on Grahame's works, etc.

- Location articles: areas or buildings associated with Grahame.

- Historical articles: lesser known biographical details on the life of Grahame, brief bios or anecdotal articles on his family, friends or associates.

- Events: reports on events, exhibitions, talks, etc.


(2) Reviews of books and papers in the bibliography section of the website.

- New books on Grahame's works (such reviews could be first used in Riverbank News).

- Existing books: 100-500 word reviews of books on Grahame's works.

- Existing papers: 30-100 word summaries of subject matter of academic papers on Grahame's works.


(3) Sharing details of Kenneth Grahame-related news.

- News of forthcoming exhibitions, talks, sales, plays, publications, for publication in the news section of the front page of the website.


(4) Work on the Wikipedia entries for Kenneth Grahame and his works.

Kenneth Grahame http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenneth_Grahame

Pagan Papers http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pagan_Papers

The Headswoman http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Headswoman

The Golden Age http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Golden_Age_(Grahame)

Dream Days http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dream_Days

The Wind in the Willows http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wind_in_the_Willows


(5) Research for the Heritage Project.

- Research into locations related to Kenneth Grahame.

- Research into the Grahame family tree (including location of the graves of Helen Grahame and Elspeth Grahame).

- Research to locate and catalogue all Kenneth Grahame manuscripts, letters, etc, worldwide.

- Acquiring old photos, postcards, maps, etc, or copies of them, of locations associated with Kenneth Grahame (including details of old Berkshire/Oxford border).


(6) Mark-up of study versions of The Wind in the Willows.

- ["Landscapes and Countryside" example to be uploaded soon.]


(7) Kenneth Grahame Society marketing and merchandise.

- Marketing: downloadable tri-fold flyers, Kenneth Grahame poster, artwork for main webpages.

- Merchandise: Kenneth Grahame Society bookmarks, Kenneth Grahame Society diary, Kenneth Grahame Society calendar.


(8) Overhaul of "Links" page on website.

- New/revised links, groupings and layout.


(9) Salvage of articles from Kenneth Grahame Society forum (now closed).

- Repackage any suitable material for website or Riverbank News.


(10) Transcriptions

- Transcriptions of text of numerous letters of Kenneth and Elspeth Grahame.


(11) Books & Publications

- Booklets: Kenneth Grahame's Oxford

- Books: Annotated Essays of Kenneth Grahame

This list will be revised every few months, so please keep checking back for details of new projects.

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